Solved! All usb chsrgers/adaptors get burning hot when charging my phones

Jul 19, 2021
Doesn't matter if it's the original charger or not. I don't know if it's due to the weather being hot. I've only really noticed since it's started to get hot.

The earth pin as well as the charging brick both get burning hot (40-50°C measured by thermometer). And the phone gets quite warm too (25-35°C) even when it's off.

I'm in a rental property so is it that the electrics are generally dodgy? I've checked the plugs of the fridge, kettle and freezer and none of them nor their pins feel hot to the touch.

It's mainly an issue with any plug that takes a USB cable (there's some LED lights I use and they too cause the charging brick to be burning hot)

Any insight would be helpful
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Yes it may be an issue with the electricity in the place you are at. Easy to find out, use those bricks somewhere else and see if they get as hot there. The difference of the other devices is that they are using 3 pin connectors which include ground, the USB chargers are usually 2 pin without ground.