Question Alldocube x powering issue

Jul 7, 2020
I would like to know if anyone has the same problem that my tablet has.

I have a Alldocubex for around one year. Before the tablet went fully dead, there have been some abnormal signs:

- When using the supplied charger, while watching a movie on it, I get a notification on my screen saying my charger supplying overvoltage to my tablet, and to check appropriate charger;
- Some other times the tablet would randomly turn off;
- After those events, It seemed the tablet was discharging the battery too fast even when on sleep mode and would only let me turn on while connected to the power outlet.

Here are the things that started to happen afterward:

- First I tried to fully charge the tablet while it was off. Then when I turned it on it would automatically turn off when android menu was loading. When I try to charge it shows battery 100%.
- Then I tried at least enter recovery mode and try it to run that way. Same problem as above.
- I could not even enter recovery mode because it would turn off 1 second after turning on.

Now the tablet doesn't even light the LED when plugged and doesn't even show the charging screen when plugged to a power outlet.

Here is what I tried afterward:

  • Tried power button for 30 seconds . Nothing happens.
  • Tried power button and volume down 30 seconds. Nothing happens
  • Tried connecting to laptop USB. I can hear windows bleeping sound recognizing that it was plugged into the USB, however 1 second afterward, it bleeps the like I just unplugged it from the USB, even though it is still plugged it. It keeps looping this situation while plugged into the laptop USB.
- I open the tablet back to measure the battery. It reads 4.1V, so it seems to be full. I tried to disconnect the battery from the tablet board and plug it into the power outlet to see If it can start. It reads 4.2 V, however, it's not giving any sign of life.

I do not know what to try more. It seems the battery is fine. On a side note, when I had it plugged to laptop USB and tried to hold the power button for 1 minute, It showed the low battery charging screen for a split second and then went dead again.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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