Alternative Sub-woofer Out


Apr 20, 2014
Hello all! I have a Onkyo TX-NR509 and the AV output cable was broken off inside of the female port so I am looking for an alternative way to connect my sub. It is a PSW10 by Polk.

There is just no getting the plug out! Hopefully this will be an easy answer, thank you.



Right. You could probably fudge something together with other ports, but results would be less than optimal.
And using a reasonably good sub (the Polk)...fix it properly.


You can use the speaker level connections on the sub

Front left/right speakers cable from the onkyo to the speaker level inputs on the sub.
Another stretch of cable from the speaker level outputs on the sub to your front left/right speakers.

Set your front speakers to full range (or whatever the option for big speakers is on that amp)
The sub will take care of crossover frequencies.

Pictures online show it has line-level inputs as well, is this not correct?

With line-level he could run left/right speaker from receiver to sub, then from sub to the speakers.
Now this wont be as good as using the dedicated sub channel of course.

Not sure why OP cant use picks/tweezers/small pliers to get the piece of plug out.
The $5 for the tools to do the job is cheaper then the other options that are less ideal.

On a side note, anyone know if Onkyo has been able to get their digital HDMI board issues under control and actually last more then 1-2 years without going out?


^ already suggested that mate - it's not ideal as that sub needs to be powered even if you don't want to use it & makes it impossible to get full range from the front speakers independantly but needs must.

& no, onkyo quality has taken a * in the last 2 or 3 years IMO.
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