Alternatives to the RAX80 Router?


Jun 22, 2017
I am trying to upgrade my router from an old AC3000, because I would like a bit more range and flexibility on where I can use my devices inside and outside, however the RAX80 that I was thinking about getting ran out of stock recently. What are alternatives to that router?
Feb 18, 2021
There are several routers that are available in the market today that would make your home better. From your question, it seems like you love Netgear as a brand. There are several other Netgear routers whether in traditional router type or the mesh system type that you can choose from.
As you are making your choice, you can ensure that the following are satisfied in order to get the best performance:
  • Range: As you are choosing your router, you need to ensure that it covers your whole home with high-speed internet. This is because an average smart home has several devices inside the house and outside. The devices available outside include smart sprinklers, smart light bulbs, and smart door locks. All these devices require a good connection for optimal performance.
  • The number of devices: Smart homes have a minimum of 10 devices these days. They include laptops, computers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles among other devices. All these devices may be in use simultaneously. Therefore, you require a router that will cover all these devices with high-speed internet.
  • Internet speed: There is no need of getting a router that will not support your internet plan maximumly. However, there are several Wi-Fi 6 or AC routers that can support even gigabit internet plans. You just need to check the specifications of the router that you are picking to ensure it supports your internet plan.
  • Safety measures and parental controls: These days, online security is paramount for our data, users, and children. You can never ever compromise on the safety of your users. As you choose the router for your home, consider the safety measures and parental controls for the best experience.
With these in mind, you can choose your favorite router. If you are still for the Netgear brand, I can personally recommend the Netgear Orbi (RBK853) Mesh system or NETGEAR R9000 Nighthawk X10 router. They can never disappoint.
However, you can check other brands such as Amazon eero pro 6 mesh system. You will never be disappointed with the system.