Question Amazon echo long term review - google home speaker is better because it can cast youtube music free


Mar 17, 2009
I use my smart speakers to play music and sometimes for timers. To check weather and less annoying to just use my phone.

The speakers can play music simultaneously across rooms which is an awesome feature. That alone makes it better than home stereo setups.

My echos have three flaws.
The volume control is not granular enough, it’s too soft or too loud many times. The increments are too large to get just right. This can get very annoying.

Echo doesn’t play youtube, it can’t cast from youtube unlike google home. For me, this reason alone makes the google home speaker worth triple the echo. I have amazon prime, but not prime music premium. Prime’s free selection of music can be very limited. They have many albums, but their playlists are severely lacking. This means when you tell to play, chill hop; it might have one good station playlist. They become stale very quickly with limited amount that starts to repeat itself.

Also, many times songs / playlists aren’t volume standardized unless you’re playing the same album. You’re playing a station, and all of a sudden the next song has it’s volume way too high. This means your constant calling alex to volume down or up.

Google home can stream from youtube free. If you’re like me with chrome add blockers, you know that youtube free has arguably the best selection of music of any service. Even many of spotify’s best playlists come from youtube playlists. You probably have to play from a computer to avoid draining your phone battery (screen must be on for hte vids to keep playing)
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