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Amazon fire connected to projector, need solution to surround sound on yamaha receiver


Aug 1, 2017
I have an Amazon fire connected to my projector using the hdmi slot. I would also like the fire to connect to my yamaha receiver for surround sound. Tried using the USB port (usb to hdmi cable) to hdmi input on receiver but was unsuccessful. Any thoughts?


Something like this https://www.amazon.com/ViewHD-Extractor-Optical-Converter-VHD-H2HSAs/dp/B00KBHX072

Would extract the audio out to a Toslink plug which your receiver should have and keep all the copyright protection still intact.

I don't think a HDMI splitter would work properly as it might confuse the HDCP copy protection. Might though.

What receiver do you have? Do it not have HDMI on it to plug the firestick into it and then HDMI from the receiver to the projector?
Would need to know what Yamaha reciever you have.

Best option is to just plug firestick into Yamaha via HDMI and output HDMI to projector (or use HDMI to output to both TV and projector).
But that greatly depends on if your Yamaha has HDMI or not
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