Amazon Fire TV Review

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Jan 15, 2005
Im reeaally not all that much interested in this device. I would be interested in considering the ability to Benchmark the device. To see what the frame rates are in any particular scenario. As well I would like to see more enthusiast type stats for these devices. As CPU Type,Video Chipset etc. I realize that Amazon has got a product to sell. But when these specs are available,think really need them. Then the hardrwares such as connectivity,and video fraps need to be shown. This does an HDMI out,but really whats going to happen to other different Screen Dimensions. And what are they.As for the market model instilled by this. Again,it is an Amazon item. I really see the ideal of monopolizing the content via hardcoding it into a given hardware configuration. And stately farming that particular item as 'an available content distribution' theme. I couldn't keep somebody from wanting one of these. And when support is gauranteed,it is specific to being user friendly. Again,though,I can't see prioritize the market 'content',and monopolizing their availability through the 'hardcoded'set up within the device. But too,replacing the stats of their performance with the provisioning of the devices usability - without them. Does not do a whole lot of justice to knowing what your buying. Since in the most of this,the bandwidth is what you pay for. Most of the Internet looks that way for now. Amazon is competing with other devices in the same character as you have shown. I can't keep them from provisioning to their prospective standing between them. But I just got to ask for the hardware specs. . With the tests for them. What they pertain to ,limitations, comparisons. . The next competitor may have a SSD slot,and a web server for example. I just can't see limiting yourself without them.

Lonnie Milton

Apr 7, 2014
You're trying to be all my content devices in one package and you don't have a disk player or card reader? It ALMOST sounds like an awesome toy, why are you half assing it here?

Chris Droste

May 29, 2013
I thought this would be pretty interesting to play content with, but really, the organization of the software is a bit meh, and my biggest question isn't even addressed. how well/high quality does it appear to play and hold content? my Smart TV's Netflix app constantly changes the streaming quality even with a good, verified N-wireless connection like the software or memory can't cache the show consistently, so on a Toshiba 7-series 55" 1080 display it looks like It's dropping down to terrifying 480i during the middle of a movie then slowly caches back up to it, even freezing after non-stop content playing for several hours. I swap over to my HTPC and stream through the browser but huge swaths of content, despite being HD refuse to switch up to it for some odd if a 7790 on less than year-old hardware needs any mention of being able to play this content...? If the streaming quality stayed consistent, sharp, with good audio output at the same time on a 30Mbps cablemodem(IT SHOULD) then I wouldn't mind the lack of content providers since I'm pretty happy being on netflix, hulu and prime all at once.
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