Amazon Prime doesn't work on both Samsung UN55JS9000 TV and Samsung UBD-K8500 4K BluRay player- update when?


Sep 11, 2014
Samsung's next to top 4K television, UN55JS9000,, and their best (ONLY) 4K Blu Ray player, UBD0 K8500 , neither will receive Amazon Video (JS9000 has icon for Amazon Video but locks up if you click or message that Amazon Video is unsupported). Tried going to Samsung factory site TWICE with no straight answer IF update is available, -or- if not, then WHEN update will become available- FYI don't ever waste time doing a CHAT with Samsung tech,, there are pre-grade school employees with NO tech training and like children LOST when your question is not on their 'script'.

Both the Samsung UN55JS9000 TV and the Samsung UBD-K8500 4K Blu Ray player are attached to ethernet with Cat 5 hard wire cables for access to internet; both work with Netflix or any service with icon --- EXCEPT TV which has an Amazon Video icon which is senseless when there is no update. OTHER units *BluRAAY players ADDED dozen sites using updates, without having NON functioning Icon on TV or Blu Ray player's menu. FIRST time experience having 'Icon' on menu that is non functioning. Variable;s: Windstream internet provider is not best provider, when not having 'equipment problems' they currently have a 20-gbps download speed currently. AmazonPrime is paid until December 2017 and works on other Blu Ray players (Sony BluRay and Sony Media streamers use Amazon video just fine).

Question remains: #1- Is there an update for either of the above mentioned Samsung products?
#2- If not, WHEN will Samsung have Amazon Prime updates available?

Personally fortunate to have other equipment to receive my Streaming Video content. However, imagine consumer getting into 4K who has been told this NEW premium television,, a 'Smart TV' which shows Netflix, Amazon Video and THEN goes for broke (small pun) with a 4K Blu Ray player and buys Samsung UBD-K8500 4K bluray player, Samsung's BEST and ONLY 4K Blu Ray player- has excellent router, paying internet provider for sufficient bandwidth to receive UHD, or High Def internet shows and movies,, there are some,, wife's favorite "House of Card" on Netflix is streamed in 4K,.. Your enrollment with Amazon Prime in paid for another year,, Everything is set and despite a lot of $$$$$$$ being shelled out and plastic stretched to the max,, WHEN EVERYTHING IS SET UP AT HOME you discover that Amazon Prime,, IN FACT CANNOT BE VIEWED at all. CHEAPER Samsung televisions have the AmazonPrime,, as well as cheaper Blu Ray players work just fine providing AmazonPrime,,, BUT you tried to future proof this expensive Home Entertainment purchase by buying the BEST , and NOW WHAT, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I recall reading that several devices were dropped from Amazon regarding data collection practices or some such. Basically a detection system that actually took samples of the pixels on the screen and compared them to known samples to figure out what you were watching, regardless of source. This information was then sold.

Vizio was a prime (haha!) target, though my TV is still functioning, but has updated at least three times in the last few weeks.

And the same information could obviously be purchased from Amazon, so I'm not sure what all the fuss was about.

Samsung may be working on updates, you should send in a support request.
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