Question amcrest ash21-b camera reprogramming question


Aug 20, 2016
i got 2 of the amcrest ash21-b ip cameras the other day and 1 was attached to ontoer persons account on the amcrest app and 1 was not yet connected to an account. so at first i tried to run them on an ip cameras search tool but that tool did not see them, so i used the amcrest search tool and that program found them but would not let me change the username or password to them so i contacted amcrest to get them deleted so i could at lease use the amcreast app to use them but they are not helping out much. so now i'm setting on 2 useless ip cameras.

so i'm asking here to see if anyone has managed to reprogram them so i can use them on the tinycam app or the pc? so the nvr recorder will see them and let me use them. the nvr will see them but not connect because i do not have the user names aor passwords to them.

amcrest claims that their default user name and passwords are admin -admin, admin- 888888 , admin- 666666, or admin- blank, and one more i do not remember now

yes i know i may brick them but they are as good as bricked now if i can't find a program that will let me into their system to at least change the user name and password and the ports and the ip addresses etc.

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