Question Amcrest IP2M841W Security Camera


Aug 20, 2016
i have 8 foscam ip cameras on a wired network. and i view them over 2 nvr recorders and i use the tinycam app. for the most part these are good cameras but they are getting hard to find anymore so i got this Amcrest IP2M841W Security Camera to test out. so the first thing i find out is the search tool i use to locate the foscam cameras will not see the amcrest camera

so i had to add to chrome a extension. and that seems to do fair but i have yet to be able to change the ports or the user name. i do not use port 80 or 554 for security reasons. i can see the camera on tinycam on my phone good and i expect the nvr will find it for recording but on the pc i hate to have to open 2 programs to see that foscam and amcrest cameras. so is there a good search tool that will work for both camera brands?

when i use the search tool it finds the foscam and the wanscam and the cool cam cameras. also some other cameras that i do not use because of this reason of not being able to change the ports the user name and some even the passwords.

i have the amcrest ip config app on my pc and i have yet to figure out how to change the username and had a time getting the password changed and it did finally let me change one port. if this is not possible then i will not get anymore amcrest and just keep looking for foscam cameras as they seem to work good and i can configure them