News AMD Big Navi release , price, specs and latest news

Jul 19, 2020
Whether Big Navi comes with dedicated ray-tracing hardware or simply has enough sheer power to handle it through software alone, isn’t clear.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen people doubting that harware accelerated raytracing will be onboard.

That’s strange since AMD itself has stated that it will be the case a few months ago.
They even released a video to showcase what to expect :


Support for hardware-accelerated DXR 1.1 raytracing with AMD RDNA 2 architecture will allow both PC and console gamers to experience stunning, next-level visuals in games that support DirectX 12 Ultimate

And here is a blog post detailing how they did work with Microsoft and DX12 Ultimate to make it work :


Mar 25, 2018
Perhaps but if it is anything like Navi 10 the drivers will be buggy for at least 6 months and after that still have problems

After the bad experience I had with the RX 5700 I'm going back to Nvidia and Ampere for the new system I'm currently building ..... I'm still stuck using february driver because I can't get hardware recording to work with anything after, they would only give me 1080p 30 hz on my 1440p monitor with Windows 2004 so I had to downgrade back to 1909 and If I plug in a USB microphone all my hardware recordings suffer from stutters and sound dropouts even after the mic is unplugged .... I have to go in and remove the "phantom" drivers in the control panel and then remove some registry keys all because AMD doesn't seem to understand how the Windows Sound Model works with Exclusive Mode ..... Plus the hardware codec is no where good as Nvidia's anyway


Jan 15, 2015
My guess is the recent cpu leaps will extend into the gpu range, im a serial nvidia customer but i can honestly say i felt massivly let down with turing. I bought a 2080ti after listening to Jenson spewing garbage about ray tracing, two years on there are hardly any titles with Ray Tracing in and when its toggled on it cripples the FPS.

They charged stupid money and mis-sold turing for me, they wont ever catch me again and ill be waiting and routing for AMD to have similar success to their triumphs over intel.
Come on AMD make we want to buy your GPU.!

I have a feeling that yet again Nvidia will price their flagships even more expensive than they did with Turing and this again make me want to say "stuff you Nvidia" ill wait for AMD to Release Navi 21 and then make my choices because i would not believe a word that comes out of Jensons mouth now.
He actually reminds me of a wild west travelling salesman spewing crap and moving on to lie and rip people off int he next town - he and Nvidia will never take me for a mug agian


Mar 20, 2018
but like.. who buys a 2000 series nvidia card with the expectation that the fps won't take a huge hit with ray tracing on? that's just silly. gotta pay attention to what you buy.