Amp, Dac and Multiple inputs/Outputs


Jul 21, 2013

I've recently swapped from 'gaming' headset to headphones and I've read that getting an Amp/Dac can increase audio quality and control.

I've looked around and can't quite grasp whats going to be best for me and I was hoping for a short explanation and recommendations on what would be best.

If possible I'd like multiple inputs that i can merge together such as a ps4 controller in and my PC in. I'd also like to be able to swap outputs from headphones to speakers at the flick of a switch if possible.

Any help would be great.

Most DACs will have more than one input.
USB would be perfect for the PC since it bypasses all the audio in the PC. An optical digital input is common so that should work for the PS4.
A headphone amp will not drive passive speakers but if it has a preamp output you could use self powered speakers.
You can find some options here
For passive speakers you would need an integrated amplifier with built in USB DAC.
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