Amplifier and speaker compatibility


May 17, 2017
Hi everyone. I hope one of you guys can answer my question.
I have here a Tosunra AV-735 amplifier. Its max. Power output is 700 wattsx2 (8 ohms) and 1300wattsx2 (4 ohms) I also have a pair of speakers here whose impedance of 600 watts each in 4 ohms. My question is. Is my speaker compatible to my ampplifier? Or there is a posibility that my speaker will burn. Thank you.


The minimum impedance of this amp is 4 Ohms, therefore you are quite safe to run these speakers. Also the thing that may be confusing you is the wattage rating. The 1300W per channel is not the true output of the amp, this will more than likely be PMPO (Peak Music Power Output) The specs dont give an RMS (Root Mean Square) The true 'power' output, so i couldn't hazard much of a guess, but I doubt that it is even 300W RMS Per channel. If your speakers ARE 600w RMS, double check you have enough power from the amp before turning it up too much!

Hope this helps.

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