Question Analog to Digital & Back

Sep 5, 2023
Hi all, I have a newer Samsung tv and Samsung surround soundbar system. I also have an old Akai reel to reel tape player/recorder. I know that I can use an RCA to HDMI converter to play the Akai, which I've done, and it plays but what I can't seem to figure out is how to record on the reel to reel from a source such as my iTunes or Spotify or anything for that matter. Do I need to introduce an analog receiver into the mix and connect it as well? Would love to figure out how to do that if possible?
Here's the equipment:
Samsung Q80B tv, has 1 HDMI arc and 4 HDMI inputs.
Samsung Q990B soundbar system, has 1 HDMI arc which is connected to the TV and two HDMI inputs.
Akai GX-620 reel to reel, has 1 RCA output and 1 input for recording.
Currently connected, TV to Soundbar via HDMI Arc, Akai is connected via RCA to HDMI converter to HDMI port 1 of soundbar.
Thanks in advance for the help.


Jun 24, 2021
love the idea of connecting an analog receiver.

a good receiver would have the tape in and out that you desire.

also, an equalizer would have these in and out(s), or alternatively you can use an eq in and out for the tape deck

i would want both the equalizer and the tape ran into separate in & out on a receiver, with the eq set so that it effects the sound of the recording

this old style made connections simple.

i actually still have this stuff, but the belt on my turntable gave up and i have not repaired it.