Review Android 11 review

Sep 13, 2020
I for one do not like the new screenshot functionality. Why am I forced to switch to gesture navigation to have access to it? Just put it back on the power menu please.

Why can't they enable changing the grid size on Pixel launcher?

Jean Yus

Jul 6, 2020
Losing the swipe up + hold to access recent apps/overview from the middle of any home screen is a major downgrade. (and to piss us off they left the animated image of the feature in settings, just so we can remember how useful this was)
We didn't need a 3rd method of screenshooting and we could already "select" & copy text in Android 10. The last thing I'm worried about is deleting a photo. Solid Explorer >screenshots folder>shortcut to home screen> done.

...& how about Toms guide gets an update to the commenting section. What's the point in creating a burner facebook account if you can't login & comment with it Tom?