Android 7.1.1 I want to move the Pandora app and downloaded music to my SD card

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Jan 28, 2018
I thought all my downloads were going to my SD card, but they were not. I want to move ONLY music and videos to the SD card. I thought I moved the Pandora app, but cant get previously downloaded music to move to the SD card. I have not done movies or anything like that yet, I thought I would try with the 'easy' stuff. Help?
Well moving only music and videos to the card is not the same as also moving an app. An app on the card will normally require the card be converted to be "Internal" rather than "External" storage. However, that change can mess with downloading direct to the card, since it no longer registers as a normal SD card ("External" storage).

If you leave the app on the phone itself, and leave the SD card as "External" storage, you can do this much easier.

If you want to just move files (photos, videos, music, etc.), not apps, to the SD card you can use the file manager app that is on the device, or if there isn't one you can download and install one to access and move the files. Sadly, they usually only let you move one or two at a time.

To move them all at once, or in large amounts, you can connect the phone to a computer via USB cord, then move the files over to an empty folder on the computer. Once there, and still connected via USB, you can then move or copy the files over to the SD card. Personally I would suggest leaving a copy on the computer as a back up.

Once that is done you should then go into the apps that you access the files through (like gallery, etc.) and change the apps individual settings to look for the files on the SD card. You may also want to change the settings in apps that you use to create new files (like the camera) to save new ones to the card rather than the phone.

Now if you are wanting to move apps to the card, that is a whole other story.
Mar 8, 2018

Shows how much you actually know about the current state of Pandora. They added the ability to download music on demand some time ago and you ARE able to download music now onto your phone.
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Mar 19, 2018

Where are the downloaded files on Android and how to play them afterwards?


Sep 29, 2015

Ever heard the saying "horses for courses"? IMO, Pandora is the wrong horse for the downloaded music course. Several versions ago, Google decided that 3rd party write access to the external SD card was a major security problem and intentionally eliminated the "feature". Pandora is a 3rd party app so it can't download to the SD card. But it shouldn't need to do that. It is meant to be a "streaming service" where the music is stored on their servers and "streamed" to the Pandora app to play.

If you want to download music to be played offline, then you should use the Google Play app, which can write to the SD Card, to do it.

As an alternative, you can format the SD card as internal storage. The problem with that is that the SD card is MUCH slower than the normal internal storage and can slow down your device.
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