Question android.process.acore keep stopping


Feb 9, 2017
The hardware is a brand new smart phone Model: TA-1298 Nokia C3. 2.0 GB RAM, Android v10.

I spent a few hours getting apps installed and configured on this new phone before installing the GSM chip from my current phone. My carrier here in Mexico is Telcel. After I had everything installed I was ready to start using the new phone and retire my old one.

Immediately when I installed the GSM chip from the old phone, the new phone started displaying the message "android.process.acore keep stopping" over and over every 60 seconds or so. I am able to use the phone to make and receive phone calls in spite of the error message, so I presume the phone is not locked to another carrier.

Take out the GSM chip, the error message stops appearing and the phone works normally, albeit not for making phone calls.

Over the last couple of weeks I have followed troubleshooting suggestions from several web sites, and have reset the phone to factory defaults several times, but all efforts have been unsuccessful. As long as there is no GSM chip in the phone all the apps seem to work okay. As soon as a Telcel GSM chip is inserted, the "android.process.acore keep stopping" error message starts cycling over and over.

Also, I have set the language to English but after I insert the Mexican GSM chip by Telcel in the phone, language of the phone changes itself to Spanish even though in "Settings" it says "English" is still selected, and this cannot be changed. Take out the GSM chip and the phone immediately changes back to all English. That same GSM chip when installed in my old phone does NOT change the language of that phone. This is the same with my Telcel GSM chip and with a friend's who I borrowed.

Suggestions anyone?
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