Question Anker SoundCore background hiss

Apr 23, 2022
Hi, recently, I received a Anker SoundCore A3102 from a friend who complained about not being able to charge nor turn on the speaker, a quick teardown revealed a dead 18650 battery pack for which I've already ordered the replacement. Meanwhile, I decided to test the speaker plugged to a 5V 1A power adapter, which is the power input necessary for the A3102 to work, so, on testing there was this hiss coming out from the speaker (like the sound produced by blowing air) and it could be heard at any time (whether it was a power on/off indication sound or while playing music from BT connection with Tidal app on Android) and gets worse when audio source is supplied by AUX input. So, is there any way to check from where exactly the interference is coming? (AFAIK, suspects are the amplifier CS8563S or the speakers and it's wires).

Thanks in advance!
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