Question Annoying sound issue with the left channel input of the amplifier


Feb 20, 2016
I need help in pinpointing where the issue in my stereo system is.

I have a turntable connected to an amplifier which outputs to two speakers.

A few days back the left speaker has started making an annoying sound when the amplifier is turned on. The sound doesn't sound like a hum/buzzing sound but rather like the sound of the waterfall, so to say. The first day no sound would come out of the left speaker, neither music nor the annoying sound. The following day along with the music came out the annoying sound.

What I did to pinpoint the source of the problem was the following:

switched the speaker cables;
disconnected the right speaker cable;
disconnected the turntable;
switched the speakers

After all this, is it safe to say that the left channel input of the amplifier has gone?
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