Annoying Soundbar Remote Control Controlling Soundbar & TV


Aug 30, 2015
I am currently having an issue where my soundbar remote is controlling my tv as well, so when I power off my soundbar it also turns off my tv, increasing volume of the soundbar also does the same to the TV.

I tried checking the menu on my TV but there is no option to disable the speakers. The menu of the soundbar has nothing of the sort as well, in fact the soundbar remote control does not have any "Menu" option on it as all the options already have their individual buttons on the remote.

Is there any actual way for the Soundbar remote control to not affect my TV as well?

Currently my set up is a bit different, I am running HDMI from my Computer's GPU -> HDTV and OPTICAL AUDIO from my Computer's Soundcard -> Soundbar. The reason for this is that sometimes I like to switch off my TV but still be able to use my Soundbar so I can just listen to music while I am on my PC without having a big bright screen on. However, for this thread, the annoying thing is that while both TV and Soundbar are on and I want to adjust my Soundbar's volume by using the remote I can see the huge volume bar go up and down on the telvision. Also, I mentioned this in another thread I made, the Soundbar has a ridiculous auto standby feature that can't be disabled so everytime I am on my computer and I use the remote to switch on the Soundbar, it actually turns my HDTV off. Lol.

Soundbar: Philips HTL2163B/12
TV: Philips 50PFH5129/79


Your TV is responding to HDMI-CEC which Phillips calls EasyLink -- You want to DISABLE that feature to keep the soundbar from controlling your TV. I don't know if that is possible from my searching the web.
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