Solved! Another charger and a new battery. Light still blinking Orange 4 times and White one time. Says plugged in - not charging.

Question, the charger and the battery (the new ones) are they exact same models you had originally? OEM ones. Or are they aftermarket? If they are aftermarket, then knowing for certain what the problem is would not be possible. Alas, aftermarket ones can have problems and not work with a device, even if it was something that needed replacement. An example, some manufacturers put chips and other means of detection on their batteries, making aftermarket ones for the device useless.

The problem you describe sounds like a battery issue. That is what the 4 blinks normally means.
Jan 19, 2019
Now says battery full but as soon as I pull the plug it turns off. Not running on battery. This is a refurbished computer. I'll have to send it back I guess.
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