Antivirus has a hate-on for Nvidia

Nov 12, 2018
hi there,

so i got hacked over the weekend and had my email account deleted and my steam account stolen. This is actually another issue all together (resolved, the guys at steam were champs about it, though i got the impression it happens quite often).

As i was rebuilding all my email logins and connections / adding in 2 step security all over the place, i ran a full system scan with AVIRA, which came up with nothing.

Wanting a second opinion, i bought and installed TotalAV and ran a full scan (turning off Avira first) and it found a number of threats, all of them based around NVIDIA - including the geforce experience program file that i got directly from the vendor that was sitting in the downloads folder.

Is there any merit to the second scans findings? I understand that Geforce Experience has streaming features that can mimic virus behaviour, but do i need to reinstall all my NVIDIA drivers just to be safe?