Antlion Mod Mic 4.0 or Audio-Technica ATH-AG1/AGD1 mic


Mar 24, 2015
I'm searching around for a new gaming headset, but I'm wondering if I should buy an Audio-Technica ATH-AG1/ADG1 or buy something like an Audio-Technica ATH-AD500X and attach an Antlion Mod Mic 4.0 to it, thanks for the help :)
the ath-adg1 are just an overpriced 500x or 700x with cheap usb dac and a mic added.

i'd go with the ad700x for $115 with the $50 modmic (total $165) and if you wanted a soundcard buy something like the xonar dg for $27. you'd still be under budget and be better off.

keep in mind that while the ad series is highly respected for gaming due to its really wide soundstage and great positional audio, they are NOT going to produce any significant bass at all. a little mid bass but thats about it (the low bass is actually a selling feature since this is what gives you an edge in gaming for hearing footsteps).

if you wanted something with a tiny bit more kick but still a neutral sound, with a somewhat smaller soundstage the sennheiser lineup is good for that. if you wanted something with more bass without losing soundstage then beyerdynamics are good for that (but you will pay more since you need a half decent amp).