Solved! Any activity on my Android phone makes media files playing on my PC pause or stop playing.

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Sep 12, 2021
[Thanks to Tom's Guide for hosting this excellent forum. This is my first post.]

When I'm listening to an audio file on my PC it stops playing whenever there's any activity on my Samsung A32 phone. That includes any/all incoming notifications and anything I do on my phone. All I have to do it touch it and what I'm listening to on the computer is paused or stopped.
  • This just began happening today.
  • I suspect I inadvertently changed a setting on my phone to cause it to do this but I can't figure it out.
  • My phone and computer are linked through bluetooth, wifi and the Your Phone app. They have been since long before this problem arose so it seems it must either be something else or a sub-setting for one of those things.
This little problem is driving me crazy. If anyone else has had the same thing happen and found a fix for it I'd be most grateful to hear from you. Thanks.

Some say there are no stupid questions but I'm afraid I jumped the gun this time and posted one anyway. I was becoming exasperated after many failed attempts to properly word a Google search on the problem I was experiencing in a way that directed me towards helpful results. So, I took a chance and cut my Tom’s Guide Forum teeth on this first post.

I’d turned my phone off prior to posting my query. I just turned it back on and discovered that the problem was gone. D’oh! I feel foolish now and am tempted to delete this post/thread but I will leave it up I case any other inexperienced smartphone users like myself happen to run into the same problem.*

[Apologies to Tom's Guide: *If you think it best to delete this post to keep things as clean as possible, please do so. I certainly won’t be offended. This was my first post, I'm a luddite who very reluctantly acquired his first smartphone recently. Unfortunately, I have much to learn. I'll try to make my next post something more challenging and deserving of a public airing.]
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