Any suggestions on a laptop for under $750 please!


Apr 14, 2015
Really struggling on deciding on a new laptop. I need something that has a full HD display and a screen size of around 15". I found a decent Lenova one that meets my requirements but have heard to stay away from Lenova as they put of adware on to them and the processor is AMD rather than Intel which I don't have experience of.

The Asus Zenbook UX305 looks great in every way but is slightly out my budget, is there anything similar but slightly lower in price?

Any help or advice is appreciated!
Hello Ashley_Davis

Depending upon your requirements and personal preferences, it would be a good idea look for a laptop that meets your needs and budget at a few retail stores from the local market in your area. This way you can get a clear idea about the performance and the display quality, and you will also be able to explain your requirements clearly to the shop owner face-to-face.

If you are interested in buying online, you can always get your own laptop assembled using a site like PCPartPicker. With this approach, you can get a laptop with the exact configuration you need and the budget you have.

Since the URL you shared in your question is of the site from UK, for your convenience here and here are the links to PCPartPicker from UK domain.

However as you mentioned your budget in Dollars, you can get the link to the relevant version of the site here.

Hope this helps. :)