Anyway to set up my speakers to output audio for my PC, xbox one and my monitor?


Jun 5, 2015
I own these speakers
They connect to my PC with a 3.5mm jack in the rear audio port but I'd like to get them to output the audio of all three things. My xbone sends audio through HDMI to my monitor

The monitor has a 3.5mm jack in it and (i think, I haven't tried) it will output the audio of from the monitor through the speakers if I plug them in. That would take care of the audio from the monitor when I play my Xbone or PS2 but I would have to switch back and forth, unplugging and replugging in the 3.5mm into my PC and I just want something that I can plug the 3.5mm from the speaker into a device that has two additional 3.5mm that I can plug one into my monitor and one into my PC so the speakers and output the audio I want when i'm using a specific device.

If no such thing exists because of a certain reason then feel free to let me know why, i'd like to learn.


Nov 17, 2010
It is theoretically possible with a great deal of effort, rewiring, additional equipment and a major pain in the butt.
I don't think it's worth it and you would be better off starting from scratch, or just plugging stuff in as you need to.

You would need a receiver to handle all of the input and outputs. HDMI, 3.5mm in and out, plus speaker wires.
Then you would have to take apart your speakers and rewire then internally in order to bypass the built in amplifier so you can use the one from the receiver.
Plus you need an adapter to convert the receiver's Line Out (un-amplified) to a 3.5mm input to your monitor.
Once you get everything wired up then you can control the whole shebang with the receiver's remote control.

The better move is to get the receiver (preferably 5.1 surround), GOOD speakers and use HDMI to connect everything.
Even the video from the PC and your cable TV connects through the receiver via HDMI. Much simpler.
Then you will never want to listen to your Logitech or AOC speakers again.

Hear is a quickie sample.
Yamaha 5.1 receiver 100W per channel $160.

Micca MB42X speakers. $90 a pair.

Then get a sub-woofer and the other 3 speakers for surround sound later. Your Logitech's could be rear speakers if you rewire them.
Having surround sound for my games is almost as important as my monitor for hearing where things are even if I can't see them.
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