Question App to forward phone calls to a list?

Aug 9, 2023
Is there an app (or a better way) to forward phone calls to the person "next up" on a list of people?

I live in a mostly-seniors mobile home park. Some residents have devices like fall alerts, oxygen monitors, etc. Many of these devices are linked to emergency call centers, who will then notify your list of emergency contacts - usually family or friends, who may not be immediately available.

We are thinking of starting an "emergency contact group" within the park, so a person could be at your door within one or two minutes, instead of a friend who lives across town driving over through traffic. But it would need to be a list of people, and the person "on call" would need to indicate that they are the one to receive calls. So we can give the monitoring services the group phone number, which would then be forwarded to the specific person on call.

I hope that all made sense. Is there an existing app that might do this? Or is there a better way to accomplish this?