News Apple MacBook sales are absolutely tanking — here’s why

Nov 23, 2023
But, this could already be having a negative impact on the current attitude towards mini-LED, as everybody grows impatient for the new display technology that will boost brightness and color, while reducing impact on battery life.
Please, check those things. The only thing that is true is color (and even it is controversial).
  • Brightness (do not mistake for contrast ratio) is higher on mini-led. MBP 14/16 has peak brightness of 1600 nits and a sustained brightness of 1000 nits. While most oled laptops max brightness is about 600 nits.
  • Impact on battery - depends on color. On average OLED consumes more power at the same brightness. If you take completely white screen and start turning it black pixel by pixel, old becomes more efficient only after about 60-65% of pixels are black. So "on average" oled consumes more power.
  • "boost color" what does it even mean?
  • One undebatable thing you haven't mentioned is contrast ratio, which for now is possible only with oled.