Apple To Build A PA Semi IPhone? Not So Fast.

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Sep 5, 2006
This chip would be an ideal HDTV set-top box processor. It could get Apple away from using a complete mini-PC to host the Apple-TV system and it uses their existing code base so they won't have to start from scratch with another embeded CPU. With lower power draw and less heat, fans would not be needed, not bulky heat syncs, the form factor could be even smaller than it is today.

It's also a good processor to be used in high bandwidth switches... Apple has yet to manufacture high performace switch technology, but has invested much in their secure OS and firewall software, and has what's potentially the best wireless G and N gear on the market. A router or switch based on a familiar OS X GUI with the power to handle Cisco or Procurve equivolent throughput would go a long way with their X SAN and X Grid computing solutions.

On the other hand, it might actually work well as a SAN or RAID controller chip too since PCIe could power it. Heck, with some (significant) modifications, it could even become an Apple branded GPU. Agreed, it will never be in the iPhone, but I'm sure there will be an as yet unspeculated use for it.


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