Review Apple Watch Ultra 2 hands-on: Modest updates target Ultra holdouts


Apr 16, 2021
Fact check much? The Ultra 2's biggest design change is NOT a switch to "95% recycled aluminum" -- which, indeed, would have been a monumental design shift for a 100% titanium watch, which the Ultra 2 continues to be. Also: how do you throw out a statement like, "It fails to deliver on the quintessential smartwatch experience" without ever qualifying what you mean? Fails to deliver HOW?

I don't disagree that the Ultra 2 is a very modest upgrade over the original--the rumor mill leading up to its release predicted as much and it even failed to deliver on modest rumor expectations: no black model, no real improvement in battery life, no "next gen" upgrade of the sensors. I don't understand Apple's strategy here: there's no compelling reason for existing Ultra owners to upgrade, and if you decided against buying an Ultra 1, the Ultra 2 isn't going to change your mind. Just a significant improvement in battery life would have meant a lot to the adventure watch market that the Ultra is targeting. I do appreciate that Apple made its new Ultra Modular face available to Gen 1 owners--honestly, that was the only thing I wanted out of the Ultra 2 presentation, and it wasn't made clear (perhaps intentionally) that this face would also be available for the Ultra 1.
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