Review Apple Watch Ultra review in progress: Big, tough and made for runners

Sep 23, 2022
When you say there's no recovery, that's strange. I have an Apple Watch 6 GPS. When I exercise, there's an AutoRecovery mode that shows up in Apple Health. Try Apple Health, Browse, Heart, Heart Rate, and scroll down the page for your most recent recovery period. If instead in Apple Health, you pick Browse, Heart, Cardio Recovery, you'll get the average heart rate drop by days, weeks, months, etc., for the first minute after you stop exercising. Perhaps you mean viewing heart rate recovery hasn't been integrated directly into the Apple Workout app?

One thing that would be nice to know about any Apple watch is whether there is planned obsolescence built in in terms of the watch ceasing to function with the iPhone when we've been through five years of iOS and WatchOS upgrades. It doesn't seem right if a fine, expensive watch is guaranteed to become nonfunctional after five years or so. Crazy idea that we should blow $800 (and more with tax) every five years just for a watch. I have ordered an Ultra but I hope Apple finds a way to support it on into the future. The battery is replaceable for $99 so there is no reason it shouldn't last a long time.