Appliance expert reveals the 3 'vampire devices' you should unplug before going on vacation

Jul 7, 2024
Would love to see some pictures showing how you unplug that dishwasher LoL. I guess you could turn it off at the breaker if you own your house, but that is not what it says in the article. There are several actually doable things left off the list, such as if you live on a well, if you have a hot water tank, sump pump...


I know a guy that, in an effort to save electricity while gone, had the power turned off.
For the whole house.
In July, in Virginia.
For a little over a month.
House closed up tight.

Comes home:
He had little kids, so some of the furniture had tiny food remnants. Having zero airflow, and 90-100 F daytime temps....mold. And then he blamed the landlord.