Applications launching incredibly slow

Jun 20, 2018
Hello there guys,for the past two days, applications have been taking quite a while to boot up, apllications like fortnite which usually take a few seconds to launch are now taking over 5 minutes to launch, chrome which launches instantly now takes 2-3 minutes. My laptop is an hp probook 440 g2 with an i7-3632qm and 8gigs of ram, AMD Radeon 8750m. What could be causing, pls help as this is my daily driver....thanks!
Do you restart the laptop (turn it off and back on) often, or has it been a while? If it has been a while I would do that first. I may well resolve the issue.

Next, when was the last time you did a good thorough check for viruses, malware, etc.? I would definitely check for all that, as slow systems is a common symptom for that stuff.

Also, did you install anything new recently? Any programs, updates, etc? If so, you may want to go to "Start" and in the search box type "System Restore" (without the quotes) and then click on that item at the top of the list. In here look for a restore point that is prior to this problem and restore the computer to that point. Just be sure you back up anything you have added since then as while general files won't be removed, programs added after that time and their files will.
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