Jul 18, 2019
My Android Nougat version 7.0 tablet is set up to have an SD Card configured as internal storage 128GB capacity and has a brand SanDisk Extreme with XC1 UHS-3 V30 4K-UHD A1 of genuine class. My Android tablet's built-in internal storage is only 8GB but only about 3.5GB available space due to OS and system apps pre-installed, which is not enough to install pretty much more useful games and other apps both from the PlayStore and stand-alone installer package modes. Now I have merged the SD card as part of the internal storage to compensate with the demand to install more useful apps. It worked perfectly fine for about 6 months. The Storage department in Settings is set with SanDisk SD card as the default write disk, that anything downloaded and installed to the device be stored in the SD card for good. I pretty installed 171 apps all-in-all (47 apps in the built-in storage plus 124 apps on the SD card formatted as internal storage as checked through Settings).
Now, a disaster came when suddenly the tablet crashed and automatically rebooted itself. To my surprise, all of the 124 apps stored on SD card are GONE !!! All the remaining data on the SD card including videos, photos and other media are intact and so are the 47 apps in the built-in storage. I double checked the Apps department in the Settings, but with bad luck, it was gone and deleted for good! I wondered what had happened. Now, a major problem arose when I attempted to reinstall the lost apps AND it doesn't and would not install the apps anymore saying an error message " App not installed !!! " Now I'm compelled to plan moving all the intact files from the SD card to a backup storage and reformat the SDcard again as internal storage and start reinstalling all of the lost 124 apps from scratch, Holy Shit!! It is never ever easy to do it as it would take a lot of time to reinstall them one by one even if I had a faster internet connection. And by experience, it's never easy when it comes to how the Android OS handles its system mechanics to some larger apps involved.
Is there anything I can do to recover the lost apps on the SD card? I believe it's still there but Android doesn't recognize them anymore I think prior to my assumption that they were deleted for good. Please help me..😖😞😓😢
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