Apps Will not run on SD Card.

Fumie Z

Jan 4, 2015
I have a Galaxy s2 lte currently with 4.1.2 . Just purchased a Kingston 16gb micro sd,
Formatted it.
Went through the settings selecting 'move app to sd,made sure they were apps that could be transferred. However the app would open the close on start up.
Restarted phone, they would show up as grey stating they were not installed
I have redone this by uninstalling, installing and re-moving multiple times.
Yet non of the apps will stay functional.
I have never rooted my phone nor do I wish to
So far I haven't found other forum posts about it.
Since my problem is not just the home page but the app pages as well.
I have had problems of SD cards crashing and becoming unusable; and I have checked it on my computer that it is 100% still working.