Question ARC issue PC->LG CX -> AV receiver

Apr 22, 2021
i have a PC with RTX 3080 connect to LG oled CX with hdmi 2.1 to get 4k 120 hz and connected to AV receiver yamaha rx-v685 through (arc=audio return channel ) also with hdmi 2.1
when i play an audio or videogame sometimes the audio passthrough from the TV to the AV receiver sometimes it doesnt and i have to reopen the audio file or the game many times till the audio starts
once it starts there is no issues mosty but when hang up the file try to play it again sometimes it starts sometimes it doesnt
i am running windows 10 64 20h2 i have installed the latest driver from nvidia
i tried changing the pc hdmi port on the back of the tv to the other once number 1 3 4 and the issue persist
is it audio driver issue ?
is it windows issue
does anyone have the same thing ?

any solution ?
thank you