Are external Audio DAC's worth it with my headphones ?


Aug 23, 2015
Hi guys,

I recently bought Kingston HyperX cloud core KHX-HSCC-BK-FR

and am quite happy with the quality of it, maybe also because these are the first headphones in which i have added a fair amount of money.

I am happy with the audio i get but since i listen to soundtracks and audio which is mostly (And i mean really ) in flac or more than 320 kbps bitrate, will an external audio DAC provide better audio experience in my headphones ? Currently i use onboard Realtek audio driver. My motherboard is intel DH55TC if that helps.


Not worth it, it's better to spend the money on a set of real headphones just for audio. ssddx probably has a good list of recommendations somewhere, and I'll throw in the Grado SR80 (though they aren't the best in that range)