Are Proxies Illegal?


Sep 24, 2011
I'm about to engage in a conversation of a rather... shady subject (it's not 4chan, just to clarify), and I'd like to hide my usual identity. The discussion has to do with religion and a lot of philosophical baggage... I'm actually quite interested in all that but I don't want it to be directly associated with me and my ID. First of all I'd like to know if this is legal. I know it's sometimes frowned upon, but can I actually get into trouble in messing with my ISP or things like that?

Secondly, I'd like to know how it works in further detail. I downloaded Tor easily enough, but it seems to throw random IDs at me every time I post. This won't work because if I try and engage in a lengthy conversation people will quickly notice that my ID keeps changing. I've also tried FoxyProxy, but that one is a lot harder to setup (in short, I can't understand all the options).

All I really need is something that will give me a proxy, but let me keep it long enough to actually have a conversation. Then when I'm done I can remove the mask and go back to being my usual self. I'm usually against this kind of anonymity, I believe that you should feel comfortable standing behind what you say, but this is a special exception... I know some of the people on this board in real life and I can imagine things spiralling out of control if people over-react.


Apr 22, 2006
It it legal? That depends on what country you live in.

When you say IDs, do you really mean IP addresses? If so, then that should not be an issue. Many people are behind proxies full time and there use many IP addresses over a period of time.