Are wireless dolby 7.1 headphones worth it?


Nov 18, 2013
I currently have a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50s but I am interested in getting a wireless pair so am free to move around, when moving around with my current set i am constantely aware am on a wire and always checking to make sure am not stretching the cord, but what about the 7.1 sound? The particular sets am looking at, Corsair H2100 and Logitech G930, come with two speakers with the 7.1 simulated so there's not 7 physical speakers crammed in there


Oct 19, 2011
Multichannel headphones are outright scam!!!
It is impossible to replicate multichannel in headphones. The best that can be done is two channel (plus the bass content)!

When we refer to Multichannel like 5.1 or 7.1, it basically means the following.

1. Two front speakers. They do the heavy lifting and much of the audio comes from these.
2. One center (for all the conversations to come from). A good center channel makes a pretty big difference.
3. Two surrounds (5.1) or four surrounds - back and side (7.1) - some special effects come from surrounds. A chopper can go around in a circle and you can hear the sound move from front left to center to front right to surround right and surround left.
4. The subwooofer for the low frequency content.

Multichannel cannot appear magically. It needs to be recorded at source in multichannel format! You can take multichannel content and play all of that from just the 2 front speakers and it plays like stereo with all the effects trimmed down. This in essence is a headphone. Just 2 channels. Everything comes from the 2 speakers. It is worthy to note that Headphones also reproduces much of the subwoofer bass content.

Note that most multichannel content is essentially movies. Music is still stuck in stereo - 2 / 2.1 channel. You do get a some multichannel music content. But fact remains that Most of music content is and most like will be continue to remain as stereo.
Know what you are buying! Headphones is essentially 2 channel (with bass content).

If you want multichannel effects, you need to get an multichannel amplifier and speakers and then feed it multichannel content.
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