are you able to download apps on an sd card after putting it into your phone?

Jun 26, 2015
My phone is just an old galaxy and has bearly any storage, I would like to purchase a 32 gig SD card. If I got one and plugged it into my phone, would it only allow me to put pictures and videos on it? Or would it let me install applications on it? I have been doing research and I have been told both that u can download apps onto it and that u can't, I just want a straight on answer and if I wouldn't be able to download apps onto an SD card, would there be any way that I could get more storage space on my phone other than getting an entirely different phone that had a lot of storage space from the beginning?


Jun 26, 2015
Hello, maddie

Sadly, you cannot download apps directly onto a SD card. You must download the app on to your phones storage then in the app manager send the data over to you SD card.