Arlo installation question


Feb 17, 2017
can you install the Arlo in a manner that makes it difficult to steal? I read that you screw the magnetic base to the wall and the camera easily mounts to the base by a magnet? if i'm monitoring my front door i wouldn't want anyone to be able to reach up and pop my camera off and walk away with it. Are there other mounting options available?
If you want to know someone is on your property then the Arlo is fine, if you want a quality video feed that can be used as evidence in court then a low power wifi camera is not going to do the job.

I understand the apeal of zero wires installation but you have to understand the massive limitation these have, vs a hardwired solution.
Now with that said something is better then nothing and visual deterants are good; but if you plan to use this as evidence or expect excelent reliability you are going to be dissapointed.

Now to answer your question there is screw mounts available. If the robber really wants your camera then they are going to bring a drill and take it, the key is that no camera is acessable wihtout first passing in front of another camera that will record them.