around $1000 gaming laptop july 2014


May 13, 2014
hi im looking for a gaming laptop to play battlefield and bio shock at high to ultra settings must have a 15 inch screen or bigger a dedicated video card. would realy like a i7 quad-core but if theres something better for the price pleas let me know. also i dont realy care how thick the laptop is. (not including tax) im looking to sped $1150 max but would prefer to spend around $1000

I've configured a custom laptop for you ( - $1,009 + $99 shipping to Canada so the final total would be $1,108 (not accounting for potential customs duties).

This has a 17-inch screen, 850M GTX 2GB, and it's not too thick. It should run Bioshock Infinite on ultra settings ( and BF4 on medium to high settings.

Additionally, check out our other custom gaming laptops :) Hopefully this helps! We ship all of our laptops to Canada at a standard rate.

If you have any questions, let me know or contact me at :)