Artifacts present during gaming, Brand new laptop


Feb 10, 2015
I received my HP 17z 3 days ago, brand new. My processor is an A8-6410 with integrated radeon r5 graphics and dedicated r7 m260 graphics (switchable graphics). I have noticed these flickering black lines/shapes on my screen (apparently known as artifacts) while I am playing games and they are quite annoying. How do I get rid of them? They persist even on lowest graphics settings. Also both graphics drivers are updated
Games that this has happened on: WoW, LoL
I have tried contacting HP about it but as always they are mostly useless. I have tried researching artifacts and people online have been talking about how it means GPU's are overheating or dying. I have used MSI afterburner to watch the temp (not to push the GPU) and my max temperature ever was 70 C and usually is 50-60 C so I don't see how that is it. I certainly hope my GPU isnt dying because I waited two months to get the dam thing and have only had it for 3 day.