Aspire Screen Shuts Off When Moved


Nov 20, 2016
Hi I've had an Acer Aspire E15 for almost two years, but in the last few days I've started having problems with it.

The major one (at the moment) is that when I move the computer with the screen on, such as from the bed onto my lap, the screen enters something akin to sleep mode. And while a button press does fix it, it does on occasion freeze and then I have to restart the entire thing.

Wondering if anyone has experienced something like this (because after a day's searching online I have seen nothing completely identical to the symptoms) and if they have what (if any) fix there is.

Many Thanks


Nov 20, 2016
I unfortunatly don't know have an external monitor to try it with. Currently missing some screws (about four) in the back as well.

Have a new problem on top of this, it's now taking multiple attempts to turn on.
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