Aspire V7 laptop battery issue


Sep 18, 2017
I need to reset the battery in order to get the system to start. Once started it displays the acer logo then shuts off. Occasionally it stays on long enough to apply a fix. These fixes do not last. The last fix was to reload windows 10 and do the factory reset. This lasted 24 hours. Machine plugged in all night this am issue returned. Is it the internal battery? or software?


Sep 18, 2017
Question from edwardjwhite0z0 : "Acer Aspire V7"

acer aspire v7 laptop starts briefly only after reset switch is pushed on battery then stops. Have tried many software fixes including reloading windows ten, but condition persists after each fix has 'repaired' the unit for a day or two. Battery shows full charge,, machine is plugged in. Have written code to c: to alter bios boot. Fixed for few days. Then reloaded w10 to factory new. Worked for one day. This is next day. Press batt switch the acer logo and starting automatic repair comes up then machine shuts off.
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