Question Astro A10 Gaming headset really quiet...


Nov 19, 2017
I recently got a pair of Astro A10 gaming headphones, and I am not pleased so far. After hearing all of the positive reviews that it had gotten, it does not seem like its a good headset to me. I got the headphones, and connected them to the actual headset, plugged them into the splitter, then the splitter I put the microphone part into the mic part, and the headphone symbol in the headphone symbol on my computer. I plug them in, and I hop on a game. I hop on Fortnite and the sound sounds horrible. I do not know if i got a faulty headset, or something, but the sound is horrible. its so quiet, echoed, and seems so distanced, and i turned my windows sound to 100, and on the actual headphone wire there is a slider that turns the sound up. They are both maxed. Its still so quiet. On Fortnite, the sound is so echoey, for example, the lobby music sounds like its so far away and so quiet. The audio itself is still insanely quiet, and I even had my fornite sound all the way up. Now the worst part, I opened spotify to test it that way, and that was horrible. I turn on a song, and the person singing is EXTREMELY quiet. The music sound is bad as well, but the person singing is quieter than the base and sound. turning the sound up in spotify makes the music quality sound worse, along with having an extremely quiet singer. The singer also repeats the words after he says it, so I hear the lyrics twice. (Hard to describe that) Everything just sounds so echoed, and quiet, despite having good reviews, it sounds horrible. It sounds like I am on a hotel balcony listening to a concert a mile away. Or. it sounds like someone played a song underwater and it plays like that. I do not know how to even describe it. Someone let me know if its just a faulty headset, or if its something with my PC. I put the headphones into my phone it was the same way. Ill give an example of a song. The song 679 by Remy Boyz sounds horrible, or The Box, or another song like UCLA, the rapper is so quiet and cuts out sometimes, and the music itself is quiet and has bad quality. Normally, when you plug in earbuds you can hear the singer and music at a equal level. I can go on, I listened to a bunch of artists and the singer repeats the lyrics and sounds so far away. And it seems like the headphones misses beats and I cant even hear the singer sometimes. It almost sounds like the music can be behind me, or its like bad 8D audio. I cant even hear the singer half the time, it sounds like hes so far away, and the music is so quiet. I do not know what to do, this is my frustration in a paragraph. Please let me know what you guys think.