Question Astro A50 Microphone not being picked up by programs. HELP

Dec 23, 2020
My microphone on my Astro A50 is not being picked up by my computer or any programs that I'm using. When I talk into the mic I can hear myself. When I try to test the mic listen through the Sound Settings nothing appears. If anyone of you guys own the new Astro A50 you know that the charging hub has two settings, Xbox and PC. When I switch it into the xbox mode, the mic works just fine. Albeit the volume mixer which doesn't work on the pc. But when I switch back into PC mode the mic no longer is picked up by windows. It used to work just fine, I thought it might of been a hardware issue so I bought a replacement, just to come home with the same exact problem. So I know its some to do with windows.

I've tried resetting my computer, resyncing the wireless transmitter, updating firmware, and checking the Windows Privacy settings to make sure the mic has permission.