Astro A50 Wireless (Xbox One) Review

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Sep 1, 2015

Since my Logitech G930 started getting problems with charging I am looking into buying a new WIRELESS surround headset

The problem is I got a taste of Virtual Surround with the G930. It was terrible in my opinion even though I realise they get good reviews. Either I just expect too much or I still don't get the concept of Virtual Surround but my problem was that 7.1 on the Logitech had inaccurate spatial sound, some frequencies were killed by turning on the 7.1 switch and the overal sound quality actualy went backwards. Ironicly I do think they offered superb stereo sound.

With this experience I am really hesitate towards Virtual Surround. When I read this review I notice the article mentions it is no problems to differentiate where a sound is coming from...either left or right. Are you serious? I mean, that is even possible with stereo. Isn't the purpose of 5.1 or 7.1 to actualy being able to pinpoint from which angle a certain sound is coming from instead of being able to tell if it comes from left or right? If I turn my back to a talking character I should hear its voice turn in a 360 angle depending on my absolute position towards the talking character. This does not work on the G930, it does try but in trying is fails seriously.

So every review I read or watch about these Astro A50's are hugely positive. I notice all of them are being used on Xbox but I am looking for a headset to use on a PC and I wonder even though they support PC, there might be a difference. My soundcard supports Dolby Digital Surround. I am trying to look into Discrete / true 7.1 WIRELESS headsets and how they compare to these Astro A50's but I can't find much. The problem for me is that there is no way arround them having to be Wireless

My fear is that I spend serious money on headsets that might be great in what they do, but don't do what I expect from them and that is being as accurate as real Surround systems
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