Question Asus A450C won't turn on

Aug 11, 2019
I have an Asus Laptop A450C that won't turn on. The battery and power light indicator is on, but the drive and wifi led indicator is flashing continuously.

I have done several things to the laptop while trying to fix it.
  1. Doing the power drain by taking off the battery, AC power plug and pressing the power button about 1 minutes. No improvement
  2. Take the HDD out still wont turn on.
  3. Take both the HDD and CD Drive out and still won't turn on, but the drive led indicator didn't flashing. Only the wifi led indicator is still flashing.
  4. Reposition the RAM, still wont turn on and the led indicator still in behave like point 3.
  5. Resetting the BIOS by taking the CMOS battery, still won't turn on.
I want to try to change the RAM stick but have to wait a couple days for the stick to arrive.

Did anyone can help me to solving this problem? Or is there any suggestion what