Asus F550JK-DM205H vs Acer Aspire Nitro VN7-571G-51WY - I might have made a mistake, some quick help is greatly appreciated.


Aug 7, 2015
Asus specs:
15.6in 1920x1080 TN
GeForce GTX 850M 2048MB
750GB HDD 7200RPM
Intel Core i7 4710HQ

Acer specs:
15.6in 1920x1080 IPS
GeForce GT 840M 2048MB
Intel Core i5 5200U

Laptop is going to used for Photoshop, the occasional game and the regular stuff movie watching, browsing, etc.

I actually already bought the Asus but the Acer was my second choice. I figured the i7 4710HQ would be better for Ps and the regular HDD because I use a lot of large files. The GTX 850M was also a plus.

But after using it for about a day the awful screen is driving me up the wall, the viewing angle is abysmal. I have to sit like a damn owl in front of the screen to see the colors correctly.
I know that Ps work requires a regular calibrated screen but for different reasons that won't work right now so I'll have to settle for minimizing damage.
The battery life is also pretty awful, I expected it to not be great but it drains like crazy. I've read good things about the Acer battery life.

So my questions here are: Do you think the Acer (i5 5200U) will run Photoshop well with fairly large files? I've read some mixed reviews about the the IPS panel, mainly that it's a bit dim. But compared to the Asus TN I'm willing to bet it's far superior.
I've never used SSD before, is it as good as people say or just hype? I'm a bit worried about storage and having to buy a bunch of external hard drives for storage and backup.
The GTX 850M would have been nice but right now games will have to take a back seat.
Both cost the same, about €835

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance


Aug 28, 2015
1. i think it will run great on opening big files on ps.

my experience so far using ps(opening large files to) it requires most of the resource for chacing, mostly on ram and secondly on your drive. Based on my experience, photoshop using more processing power on the cpu rather than gpu(i open the task manager and msi afterburner when running ps)

and yes ssd will boost up your speed even its the slowest one compared to laptop hdd.
Yes you will need external harddrive to save your big files, and you have to move to your system first before editing it, the ssd will have no use if you open it in the ext hdd